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Overpopulation in Nigeria; Nigeria The Opaque Country

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Nigeria stands as Africa's most populous country with an estimated population of more than 170 million. Nigeria has a high population density with 183,36 per square km. along with poor conditions of education and sanitation, it has resulted in increased disease levels, scarcity of resources for medical care and lack of education centers. Not to mention lack of employment, high percentage of poverty and crime rate. With over population, Nigeria has more pressure on natural resources and over congestion of public transport, roads and bridges.

As the population grows, overpopulation gets worse. With that, problems arise, to name a few such as no enough housing in Kano, high crime rates in Jos and congested roads in Lagos. There are of course more health related problems too, like pollution of air and water in Port Harcourt, shortage of food in Yola and not enough health care in Ibadan. Not to mention education problems, like lack of schools in Ibadan.

The main star of Nigeria is Lagos. Its most populated and crowded city. With wall to wall houses and bumper to bumper cars, it's a no brainer as to how pollution and noise has become the norms of the area. Lagos has tens of thousand of people suffering the same fate. The same unhygienic condition and no public services. The gutter that runs to the neighborhood is no joke, constantly filled with rubbish.

 It was predicted that in 2015, Lagos' population has reached 20 million and has become the third largest city in the world, and now it is expected by researches that by 2050, Nigeria woudn't be able to support their population no more. Despite all the predictions made, Lagos' government is still staying positive on Lagos' conditions in the upcoming future.

*Picture description: 1)Hungry children in Lagos  2)Lagos, and their busy city.

3) Severe acute hunger and malnutrition