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How to Be An Expert Player in PUBG

4 Maret 2020   21:00 Diperbarui: 4 Maret 2020   21:00 13 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Nowadays, game  is the one of favourite entertainment among teenagers. There are teenagers are playing it just for fun, but half of players are choosing to be an expert player. Many of player are interested to be payed by playing game, that cannot be achieve if you're not well trained. In 1st month of 2020, there is kind of popular game that called PUBG Lite was released by Garena Platform. 

PUBG or Player's Unknown Battlegrounds is 1st Person and 3rd Person Shooter game with battleroyale gameplay which player is required to be first will win the game in this game. 

The player must be safety in all conditions, for instance blue zone, red zone, other players. in every war you will be given an air drops which have rare weapons inside. In PUBG You also can play as solo, duo, squad. However you have to learn about some fastest steps to be an expert player. PUBG is realistic game because the players have to use their mind also their IQ to win the game or killing other players.

Strategies, is important step that you should do. You have to know where your enemy is. how far between you and the enemy , if you having fight with the enemy you have find some cover it can be houses, trees, rocks, after you get the position wait the enemy come closer to you then hit them with your weapon. if you are in a bad condition try to smoke around the enemy, then boost yourself with painkiller, drink, or adrenaline syringe after you do that try to push them or throw some grenade or molotov.

When you have a bad aim control try this step, first if you're using AR like M416 the best setting are use is vertical foregrip and compensator it will reduce your aim. 

AKM is recommended using with extended mag and compensator if you were using it try to pull down your mouse and hold it. It will help you to control your aim, if you are using SMG like UMP45 or Uzi are recommended using with compensator and extended it will increase your aim control try to pratice everyday in match you will improve your skill then.

 When you are playing with your team try not to go alone at least try to work as a team. You must turn on your voice chat to know your team needs, you also must to think which best way to have a win with your team. Combine the 2 step before to your gameplay it will increase your skills more. When you try to break it you were going to lose your game and make your teamates feel dissapointed to you.

Teamates who gave you orders it mades you better, by doing all the processes you will get a lot of experiences, if you are recruited by a team you also can get money from it.