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Ilmu Sosbud

Creative Contenct with Canva

29 November 2022   04:50 Diperbarui: 29 November 2022   05:12 97
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This last meeting on October 28, 2022, brought material, namely creative content with Canva. Canva is an application that helps workers, students, or both to develop their ideas.

There are a lot of size options related to the posts to be made. Examples include sizes for Instagram posts, sizes for story posts on Instagram, or sizes for posts on Twitter.

Canva also provides a feature that can change the type of writing to be more beautiful by using the font settings in Canva. To be able to apply Canva design well, it is necessary to master certain Canva tools, such as the use of font types, color selection, contrast between colors, size, distance, and balanced composition.

The following is an explanation of the tools used to make Canva's design more attractive, namely:

1. Type of font used
The choice of letter display is very important in graphic design and other editing because the selection of letters will determine whether the target can read the information clearly or not. Sometimes, in graphic design, most people use fonts for aesthetics alone without looking at other factors that can affect the function of the design.

2. Color selection
Color selection is certainly a key to whether the design we make will be attractive or not. The color selection can be adjusted to the theme we carry so that it matches the sentence to be written in the design.

3. Contrast between colors
The important key, so that the targets can easily read the writing in our design, is to use contrasting colors. For example, the background design is already bright, so the writing used must be darker to be legible.

4. Size
The proportions of a graphic design are very important, not only for aesthetics but also to highlight the important things that should be the core information of our graphic design.

5. Distance
A graphic design that is neatly arranged will be more beautiful to look at than a graphic design whose writing placement is squeezed together so that it is difficult to distinguish information from one another.

If we have mastered the five tools in Canva to support our design, then pouring out ideas will be much easier. Of course, this is very helpful for those of us who have a business.
This is a fantastic number for an editing app.

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