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The Price of Freedom

17 Agustus 2022   13:06 Diperbarui: 17 Agustus 2022   13:10 108 10 1
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Do you sleep well?

Does the night give you peace, free from the fear of hundred pieces of metal flying through the air?

You may never recall the day of our villainy to oppression, the day of payment through blood and tears

After all, how could you?

For it is easier not to look back at the abyss when you stood upon the shoulder of giant

It's easier to judge suffering when you're free from it

So blinded by hatred, you'd curse those who were fighting for it, died for the chance to breathe just like those who came before you

You praise insanity born from the fear of a madman, for what? Because he's fighting your enemy?

You've forgotten the price, the soul of your ancestors are weeping, thunder underground

For freedom was not given,  it was taken, young one

Remember what you stand for, remember those who died for you, remember the price of freedom

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