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Positive Sides of Online Learning During Pandemic

27 Februari 2021   08:00 Diperbarui: 27 Februari 2021   08:04 19 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Over the time, the teaching and learning process has changed several times according to the conditions experienced at that time. As now, almost all over the world teaching and learning process is taken at home or online. This is due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus to almost all corners of the world which has caused a pandemic. This of course does not have a good impact on the world of education. Therefore, the government decided that the teaching and learning process in the classroom should be carried out online from their respective homes. Eventhough this pandemic has a bad impact, it is not mean that there are no positive sides that can be taken, especially in this online teaching and learning process.

The positive side that can be taken first is students can be more close to their families. It can be said that not only students learning process is taken at home, but many of these students' parents also work by online or at home. This makes students who study at home can be more closer to their families. Moreover, when studying the parents of students can also help their children, so the mistakes that students make when learning can be reduce. It also makes communication between parents and students more stronger than usual as they have more time to spend together. Not only that, parents can be more easily monitor their children while learning is taking place, unlike when offline learning at school that need the parents contact the teacher first to monitor their children.

Second, it makes students to be more creative. In online learning, teacher usually give more assignments to their students. Although this sometimes makes students stressed, on the other hand it makes students be more creative. Especially if the task is about making something in the form of a video. We know that every person has different thoughts. This is what makes students express their thoughts through the videos that they make. Starting from the idea that was thought of, the process of making it, until the editing process which required them to be creative person. Not only the video form assignment, but also the other assignmenst or activities that be done online can make the students be more creative too.

Third, students become more productive. We know that online learning process takes less time than offline learning process. Because of this shorter learning time, students have more free time at their home. If students have a high desire of learning something, they may increase their learning time outside of their school hours. Or they will learn new things, try something new using online learning tools such as smartphone, computer, and laptop. Not only that, they also can help their parents at home such as tidying up their house, cooking, and buying their main needs.

So, the implementation of this online learning system does not only have negative sides like this pandemic, but also has a positive side that people who experience it do not realize. Hopefully this pandemic will end quickly and we all can do activities like we used to without fear of the virus.