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Talking About Future: Fixed Income VS Variable Income

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I spent the whole day yesterday at the cafeteria at my campus, meeting the old friends who still struggling to get the degree. Some of them made it, but still hanging around the campus wondering what to do next. There we were sitting, drinking cheap juice, and talking about their miserable life.

It’s funny to see that most of them spent years listening to lectures, tortured by complicated process, wasted time and thousands of dollars, only to finally become a nine-to-five guy one day. They are all aiming to become a bank clerk, an accountant, a government employee, you name it. Basically they want to work under someone else’s wing. The funnier thing is, some of them don’t even care about the starting salary. They said “at least we’re gonna have fixed income each month.” What a spirit of life.

Talking about fixed income vs variable income isn’t really my favorite because you only need to be a little bit logic to see which is better. People shouldn’t even bother to talk about it! But for those who can’t be just a bit logical, I’ll help you to compare them.

A Little Bit About Fixed Income

Fixed income is nice actually nice when you describe it. You’re gonna have a certain amount of money every months whether you work your ass to death or just goofing around the whole time. What could be better than that? Fixed income is just what every single guys and girls are dreaming about.

But if you think a lot further, you’ll know that fixed income is just the way to ensure your financial difficulties in the future. Not in the next year, not in the next two years, but in the next ten years! Like if you become a government employee in my country you’ll get a raise once every 5 years. So at the very day you start working there, you already know how much exactly they gonna pay you after 10 years.

But amongst the thousand days within the 10 years a lot could happen. Life isn’t as simple as just eat, sleep and poop. There are always accidents, sickness, even marriages and new born children in your life. You gonna need extra money for all that, so how the hell you can cover it all if you have fixed income? No matter how hard you work your ass you’re not gonna make extra money because that’s just why it’s called “fixed.”

Okay, let’s say they pay you enough each month to cover the primary needs and unpredictable costs. For a job that pays that much of money I’m pretty sure you won’t have time to enjoy your damn life! Because the salary is always even compared to the work pressure and responsibilities you’re baring. Companies are built to make the employers rich, not the employees. So believe me, they never pay you a lot, they only pay you for what they think is fair enough.

A Little Bit About Variable Income

Now we’re talking about the big bosses and business owners here. Yes, there is no certainty in business and it’s pretty much considered as gambling for most people, and that’s simply why people tend to work for someone else than to build their own business. You can always predict how’s your business gonna be in the next 10 years, but you can never make sure of it. There is always possibility of bankruptcy at anytime, but there is always possibility that you can go sky rocketing if you manage it well too.

The same goes to self-employed like doctors, lawyers, or internet marketers. The harder you work, the more you gonna get. The less you work, the less you gonna get. As simple as that! As an internet marketer I can work my ass hard everyday for 2 months straight to finally have my 3 months of ultimate vacation after that. I seriously can’t figure out a better way of living than that.

And there’s something that most people seems to forgot: Every fixed income comes from variable income. Variable income can pay other people to work, while it’s impossible for the fixed income to do so.

I’m not insane. So even if I reincarnated 20 times I will still prefer to have variable income so I can pay others with fixed amount each month to do all my work. Because life is not only about the money, it’s also about the time. Is it really that hard to think about these whole thing?