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Fostering Indonesian Youth Creativity in The Covid-19 Pandemic Era for A Better Future

5 Februari 2021   11:46 Diperbarui: 5 Februari 2021   12:04 60 2 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Fostering Indonesian Youth Creativity in The Covid-19 Pandemic Era for A Better Future
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By: Ana Fauzia & Fathul Hamdani

The COVID-19 pandemic is the first and foremost health crisis in the world. Many countries have decided to close schools, colleges and universities. The United Nations (UN) has revealed that education is one of the sectors that is heavily affected by the corona virus (Agus Purwanto, et al., 2020: 1). This condition certainly shouldn't make, especially the younger generation, just stay where. Because how could we not, if we just stay where, without trying to get out of today's downturn, then we will be far behind. One of the things that must be done in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that has yet to end is fostering creativity. Fostering this creativity can be done in various ways, one of which is by writing.

As one expression says that "if you want to know the world then read it, but if you want to be known by the world then write". It shows that, reading and writing are two very extraordinary things when used as a habit. Especially amid the development of information technology today, various platforms for writing are available and very easy to access, such as blogspot and kompasiana. The Covid-19 pandemic, which has yet to end, requires us to carry out all activities including learning activities which mus to be carried out at home. Of course, there will be lots of useful time that can be used when we are at home to write down all the things we want according to our interests and hobbies.

For those who are happy with literature such as poetry, short stories, novels and other literary works they can certainly take advantage of existing free time to write and increase their creativity in the field. So if there is a pleasure to write and review the current issues that are warm around of our life, whether it's social, cultural issues and so on. As the younger generation, of course we should not be left and just stay lazing. Because as referred to an experession which says that "Indonesia today is seen from the younger today of the day". Therefore, how today's Indonesian youth doesn't only show how the face of Indonesia today, but will also determine how Indonesia is in the future. 

In addition, as the young generation, the extraordinary grace we still have up to this second is our very newest thoughts. So it is no wonder if IR. Soekarno says "Give me a thousand parents, will disligand Semeru from the roots. Give me ten youth, I will shake the world ". It means that youth has a much larger potential to build and advance this nation to be better. Then, read and write, as long as memory in our heads still plenty of space to store beneficial sciences for us to apply in the future. Because of how not, as it is delivered by Ali Bin Abi Thalib that "everyone will die off their work, then write something that will make yourself stay in the later after". It means that, if we want to be remembered, then write something useful, and what we have written will always give so many beneficial things for many people. The more positive things we write, the more people are getting the benefits of what we write. 

Thus, the more we write, then the creativity will grow by itself. Never be afraid, because it will never create one book if we don't prepare a variety of pages, and there will never be a page when we don't prepare various paragraphs, and there will never be one paragraph if we don't start from one word.