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As Much As Words We Write, As Much As Benefits We Give

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As Much As Words We Write, As Much As Benefits We Give
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Now Indonesia and the global world are being confronted by the Covid-19 pandemic which hasn't yet ended. The pandemic that occurred in Indonesia and even almost all over the world was not only terrorizing the health sector, but also the economy. Many people are victims, it's difficult to find work until layoffs everywhere. 

Based on data from the Ministry of Manpower as of 1 May 2020, the number of formal sector workers laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic was 1,032,960 people and the formal sector workers laid off were 375,165 people. While informal sector workers affected by COVID-19 were 314,833 people. The total number of formal and informal sector workers affected by COVID-19 is 1,722,958 people.Based on the current conditions in Indonesia certainly will not make us down and give up by circumstances. 

As a young generation we must contribute to others when a pandemic is. Providig benefits to others can be done starting from the smallest thing, for example starting from family, neighbors or the surrounding environment. Because, the positive patient facts of Covid-19 that continue to improve, so it is important for us to increase our awareness. As I do during this pandemic, I can provide education to the surrounding people, friends, or the wider people out there through writing to get together in the Covid-19 transmission effort.

By writing, our article can be read and can be accessed by anyone. Although what I do isn't much, but I hope the education that I put through writing can be read by everyone and increase our awareness to care about the current conditions. 

Since internet users and social media are mostly young people, I hoped that what I write can be useful and help this nation in eradicating Covid-19. I published my article that is related to Covid-19 on several platforms such as blogspot and Kompasiana, and then I shared them on social media such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. By sharing the results of my writing to various social media, I expect to be able to reach more readers, especially millennials.

If all young people have awareness and can be asked to participate together in conducting education starting from the family, then we can be optimistic that the pandemic that we feel today can be quickly resolved. 

With enough free time, we should be able to take advantage of this to continue to increase our productivity in accordance with the fields we like. Because sharing knowledge and continuing to be useful to others can be done in various ways. As one famous figure, Bud Gardner said , "When you speak, your words only echo across the room. 

But when you write, your words echo throughout the ages". That phrase continues to motivate me to share my thoughts through writing, and when I am not able to do much for this nation, then through writing I hope that many people out there will eventually have a concern to get together in the fight against Covid-19.