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This Film Will Enrich Your Soul!

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This Film Will Enrich Your Soul!
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Have you ever once hoped that u’d be imprisoned?

Well, apparently somepeople do. Imagine your self as an old man, spent his whole lifetime for 50 years sentence in jail. The day u’re free, the world out there is beyond your imagination, u feel afraid every single day because u dont how to deal with the ‘civilized’ manner.

I did laugh at the scene where Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ Redding (Morgan Freeman) was complained by his store manager for asking permission everytime Red needed go to the bathroom. Red did that because simply he ‘trained’ to do so when he was in jail. But in the opposite, I was stunned when the ex-prison librarian, Brooks Hatlen, commited suicide because somehow he lost his identity and existence in the ‘new world’ he was facing.

This film doesn’t merely depict the ‘misery & joy’ in prison and the free-afterlife, but –as far as I can get- it simply yet deeply tells us that no matter what happens, we should not give up on hope. Hope is the best thing in life that could not die, eventhough our life seems to be.

This is perfectly figured by the main role of the film, Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins). In a attempt to pursue his freedom, Andy crawled in a narrow sewage drain, full of shit, for 500 yard! That equals five football field, approximately. Once before, he told Red about his hope and said “Life is a simple choice, u can get busy living or get busy dying,”.

I’m tempted to tell u the plot, but since it builded by some twist, I guess u’ll have to pry it up by yourself :) All I can tell is this seven nominated 1994 Oscar film has a really really beautiful ending. Enjoy!

*I hope i’m not exaggerating this film, but i found it that way; so deep and beautiful :)

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