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"Who are You?"

13 Juni 2018   19:18 Diperbarui: 13 Juni 2018   19:34 339 2 0

Just a month, we have just known

Even your full name I have not memorized

Seven years pause after us

You are like my brother who is sent by angels from the moon

Just 30 days I tried to get to know your character

Through the sound, WA or a little imagination I thought

But like a sibling now

Ask to hear your story every day

Do not you have friends?

That's enough you believe to listen

Thousands of titles of your story throughout the month

Or you just do not have time 

To be able to share new things

Who are you, I try to feel

Too many stories as big as the globe

When you tell me as a hope

And let you fill all my time with your rope