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The Importance of Disruptive Mindset in the World Today

13 Januari 2020   11:21 Diperbarui: 13 Januari 2020   11:28 39 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...
The Importance of Disruptive Mindset in the World Today
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Everything we do in our daily lives is about mindset. Whether we are productive or not, whether we are creative, or if we are passively active, is largely determined by our mindset. 

This mindset is the forerunner to step in all kinds of activities and actions. In addressing a problematic condition, the mindset plays an important role in directing us to solve the problem or be weakened by it. 

Likewise, in the work or profession that we live, whether we as workers or employees, as entrepreneurs, as representatives of the people, as teaching staff, health workers, firefighters, and all other professions our steps are very much determined by our inner mindset.

Every job must have its own dynamics. There are problems that at certain moments arise and require treatment as soon as possible. The quality of problem solving will be good if the people in it move within the framework of a productive mindset, and vice versa. Especially in the fast-paced era like now where change is going so fast and dynamic. 

The movements that occur are not sloping or step by step. All moves exponentially. What used to happen takes a few years, now it can happen in a matter of months or even days. For example, it used to take two or three years and even more to replace the cellphone we have with a new one. But now in just under a year we can change several brands of mobile phones. Moreover, the current providers are so quickly launching their new generation products.

The challenges in the world of work that we live too. Along with the rapid and massive movement of various business lines out there, where we go through the profession also felt the impact. Like the domino effect, the era in which we live today tends to lead to connectivity in all fields. When one field experiences problems, it is quickly "transmitted" to other fields. 

This condition occurs systemically. One after another feel the impact of a problem that hits one area of our lives. Conditions like this inevitably require us to always be on standby from time to time. This preparedness cannot happen by itself, it requires the existence of a mindset that is able to accommodate this rapid flow of change. We need a disruptive mindset.

What is "Disruptive Mindset"? 

In the book Disruption, Prof. Rhenald Kasali explained about the importance of mindset in entering the fast-paced era as it is today. An era that allows us to go anywhere even though we do not have a car or motorcycle alone. This is the era of disruption. 

This era can not be lived by using the old mindset, because it will only make us eroded by those who have a new mindset. We can't use the "postcard" mindset, but we have to use the "email" mindset. Fast, concise and smart. The following are some of the things that are part of disruptive mindset.

1. Not bound by space and time

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