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Talking about Happiness

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Talking about Happiness
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Happiness is something we all thought and sought for. Today in speaking Club we are talking about Happiness. The discussion are focused on 4 main questions that you can also ask yourself.

1. Are you Happy today?

Yes, I am. Even though there are still bad things happening from around you. You can see ambulance going through everyday. You can enjoy your day in office. It's normal for you to be unhappy sometimes, just find ways you can be happy in your life.

2. What usually makes you happy?

Happiness can come from anywhere. Try music, jokes, games, relax, and so on. there are many things that can make you happy.

3. Does the weather affect your happiness?

Most of the time no. You just need to know what to do to enjoy the weather. If it's rain you can enjoy the bed and drink. You can enjoy "petrichor". If it's hot you can enjoy soft drink and enjoy the windy beach even more. Even if you live in four season country, you can find ways to enjoy the weathers.

4. What makes you feel unhappy?

I felt unhappy when i am empty and helpless. when i felt that i cannot do anything to help in a situation, whether it is a relationship i saw, something out of plan happened or something far away in news. 

In a way, I want everyone to be happy but sometimes that is not possible. You just have to be able to find your ways to be happy. In the end, the easiest way to be happy and spread happiness is SMILE. you can brighten someone's day just by smiling to them. I hope you are happy today and able to spread happiness today.