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7 Trending Places in Jakarta

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7 Trending Places in Jakarta

Hang-out places in Jakarta always change rapidly following the trend. The never-ending trend of Jakarta is the unique thing about this Indonesia capital city. 

There will always be new trends that come due to Jakarta's dynamic flow. One of the trend manifestations is the existence of new hang-out places in Jakarta. Believe it or not, Jakarta never misses any new places especially restaurants, live music lounge, and Bars. So, if you want to be cool, here is the list of trending places in Jakarta that you should visit.        

1. Pizza Place

Pizza Place is probably one of the most trending restaurants in Jakarta. This restaurant offers a New York pizza style that characterized with its large size of pizza slice. The restaurant is also located in the elite area of Jakarta which is Kemang, South Jakarta.

2. Lawless Burger Bar
Besides Pizza, there is also a delicious burger that is served by Lawless Burger Bar. Also located in Kemang, Lawless Burger Bar is mostly known as the most delicious and rebellious burger restaurant due to its concept of freedom. The burger bar also provides beers from UK named "Trooper" which becomes the most selling beverage and make the restaurant trending.

3. Holywings
If you like singing along, Jakarta also has a lot of trending live music restaurants. One of them that are popular is Holywings. This restaurant has two outlets in Jakarta which is located in Kelapa Gading and Pantai Indah Kapuk. 

The main value of this restaurant is definitely its live music event that is always starring Indonesian notable artists. The artists that already went live on this restaurant are Raisa, Isyana Sarasvati, Teza Sumendra, etc. No doubt this restaurant has become trending nowadays..

4. Baxter Smith
Another Live Music restaurant that is also in trending is Baxter Smith Jakarta. Located in Kebayoran Baru, the elite area of Jakarta, Baxter Smith carries on rooftop bar concept that also applies elegant design of the restaurant. 

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