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Criticizing The Sahur Seger Program

16 April 2021   08:31 Diperbarui: 16 April 2021   08:33 39 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...

In everyday life, it cannot be separated from the television media. It is undeniable that the role of television is getting bigger now. The advancement of communication technology in the form of television has a tremendous impact on the process of human social change. Thanks to this magic tube, the actual facts that occur can be presented and visualized in such a clear manner, complete with footage of actual events, only shortly after electrical contact with the television set is made.

Enjoyed by all groups, including illiterate, although the level of effectiveness and depth of influence varies. Seeing or watching television has become a culture, the number of television stations is large, ranging from national private television to local television, just click shows the selection of shows, when you are bored, just click again, and click again and so on.

The emergence of broadcasts in television media which are packaged in such a way as to contribute to the negative to positive viewers. The sahur program is indeed booming in various media when the holy month of Ramadan comes. Several TV stations are competing to present a comedy program, the Sahur Seger program featuring top entertainers such as Denny Cagur, Kiky Saputri, Billy Syahputra, and Rina Nose. This entertainment program airs every day in the month of Ramadan at 02.00 WIB.

On the one hand, people need a sahur program to just accompany eating saur so that it doesn't feel bland, but there are some netizens who don't like this sahur program. the sahur seger program. there is a highlight that this program only has an element of humor without providing an educational element that is given in each guest star. While filling out this Seger sahur segment, there are lots of pairs of eyes watching this program, including children. we know that children difficult to sort out the words that are not quite right to say.It is very contrary to the broadcasting code of conduct and broadcast program standards in Chapter ten Protection of children Article 14 (1) Broadcasting institutions are required to provide protection and empowerment to children by broadcasting broadcast programs at the right time according to the broadcast program classification. (2) Broadcasting institutions are required to pay attention to the interests of children in every aspect of broadcast production.

As the mission and vision changes as well as the affiliation between television stations, television seems to make excuses for the satisfaction of its viewers, even though behind the emergence of the media hegemony of the television owners themselves. Various shows are no different, all are "talkative" because of ratings, people's tastes and people's care.