You Were Born Normal, Why Do You Chose to be Abnormal? Brown is Nicer, Prettier, and Sexier & Healthier.

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You Were Born Normal, Why Do You Chose to be Abnormal? Brown is Nicer, Prettier, and Sexier & Healthier.

Brown is Better or Not?

Have you heard of the saying =proverb (pepatah) “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”? This means that beauty merely judged by the person who sees the beautiful object. What you see as beautiful could be just ugly to someone else, but we often don’t know that, do we? We often just dismissed our true judgment and just go with the flow, particularly with the media and the fashion world. It is like looking at your favorite color, for example if you have chosen “purple”, I would probably go for “yellow”, because purple, to me isn’t a pretty color.

We live in a mysterious world, that’s for sure. In the West white people want to look Brown and the East, brown people want to look white.In general the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” really portrays reality here, people in general are rarely happy with what they have.

In the West, tanned skin has traditionally seen as inspirational, where being tanned suggests outdoor adventure, particularly adventure involving Sand, Sun & Sea and far away from home and this represents class mobility written all over them, makes them look more socially privileged. In the west, white people would go to such and extend to tan themselves, no matter how hard, expensive, or ridiculous the journey to get there might be. Women would grill, spray or event inject themselves with poisonous substance to look brown.

Where in the West, they would do anything to look brown, in the East, people literally just doing the opposite. Those gorgeous brown-skinned women (even men) are bleaching themselves to death in order to look white or pale. Cosmetic business with whitening agents is booming in the East, because of the perception that white is better and prettier. I could only see that the desire to be paler or to look white, must be based on believe that white is better, cleverer, prettier & upper class. Even the very white or paler Chinese or Japanese want to look whiter. Why???

It’s clear that the consequences left by past colonialism have never been lifted from this part of the globe. Worst still, people who do not have enough cash to whiten the whole body, would whiten their face only, leaving their neck and body look brown. not pretty at all. They look ugly and unhealthy. Bleach is really bad for your skin!!!!

I live in the West, and very proud to be brown. Here in the west, I witness white people spent a fortune try to look brown like the colour of my skin and I am so grateful to God that I am brown.I remember when my mother was still alive, she used to give me funny comments when I visited Indonesia during the holidays and particularly when I didn’t look as pale (white) as she expected.I am a person, like many of the people who live in the UK, worship the sun, not for beauty reason, but juts missing it so much, because we don’t see the sun as often as we wished here in the UK. We have a lot of cloudy days, so if we see the sun, we just want to absorb as much as we could. The consequences is really bad of course, our skin can produce unwanted freckles and dark spots, the signs of aging.

My mom used to say if I looked tanned “Kok kau kelihatan jelek dan tua, kayak orang kampung” means: you look ugly and older, like village people/farmers, because I normally look pale, best to say light “kuning langsat”. This perception of white is prettier, has grown to become a culture in Indonesia, where dark skinned often associated with field and labour work and dark skinned people often find fewer opportunities in many things in the society. This culture of wanting to be white is so crazy, that skin cancer is in the rise.People will rub, swallow or inject themselves with bleaching agent, no matter how dangerous that might be, in order to look beautiful.

Once they have achieved this pale color skin, then the venture into the blonde hair and the blue or the green eyes. Who are you trying to be? Be yourself, you don’t look good to be someone else. Be grateful to God that you were created as normal person, why choose to be abnormal? Beauty is just a skin deep!!!

Brown is beautiful, embrace it!!

Thanks for reading this note.

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