Alberta Cindy, Life Changing Experience in Romania [Winter 16/17]

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Alberta Cindy, Life Changing Experience in Romania [Winter 16/17]
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Bună ziua! My name is Alberta Cindy from Economic and Business Faculty in Diponegoro University. This winter I went to Romania to join Become Project that was being held by the AIESEC LC Cluj Napoca. I decided to take this opportunity because I want to challenge my self to get out of my comfort zone. By taking this experience, I believe that I can explore something new inside of me, that could help me to define my self better than before. Along the way doing my project, I met many new people with different culture. At first I was surprised with some of their cultures which is really different with mine, but as the time passing by I start to open my self and my mind to understand their culture.

One of my unique andunforgettable moment was when we held Global Village in the Cluj Napoca’sCasino. All of the Exchange Participant from many countries gathered and showedtheir culture by showing us their traditional foods/snacks, traditionalclothes, traditional dance, traditional music, traditional games and many more.The country that were there are Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, China, Costa Rica,Lebanon, Egypt, Australia, Vietnam, Mexico and Romania.  The event was so awesome, because I learnedmany things and knew many new things about the other country, we did challengein every country’s booth to prove that we had visited their booth. 

Now I knewthat hugs and kisses were so common in Brazil to greet people especiallyfriends, and I just found that in the way of cooking a Briyani rice in Pakistan they used Yogurt instead of coconut milklike in Indonesia. Fun facts that I got was that I realized that every countryhas their own culture that amaze me, and Indonesia is a rich country with manycool cultures from Sabang to Merauke.

 This event made me became more grateful to be an Indonesian and more aware that I am a World Citizen. This world is bigger than what I thought it was, more beautiful than I had ever imagine. The most awesome things is, in this big world, we can gather and meet each other from different countries, from different backgrounds, understand each other by one same language (English), shared our country’s problem which made me sad that actually in many developed country we had the same problem like corruption, less education, and etc, so we fight for the same main problem. Having friends from many different countries taught me to be tolerant, to be grateful, to be a caring person, to be a peace achiever, and to be an open-minded person.

From this exchange Istarted to understand how beautiful is diversity when it is unite. I started towork with many unique and awesome people that teach me a lot of things. In theproject I learned also many new knowledges that I couldn't get from university,which is related to marketing, I can discussed with them what is the differentbetween the marketing in Indonesia and in Romania. Become project gave me theexperiences that really changes me in a positive way, this exchanges made mebecome someone who can empower others around me by becoming myself. I am really grateful for this wonderful experienceand I hope I can share my experience with other people.



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