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I was born in Jambi (Sumatera Island) on September, 22, 1955. I am Biographer, Journalist and Historian. Now, I am is Executive Director of Research 11 March Order (Supersemar) History and Executive Director of Election Research in Indonesia. I had my early education in my home town. Graduated from elementary school (SD 9/IV), in Jambi, 1968. Graduated from Junior High School (SMP I), 1971, in Jambi. After that I continoud my Senior High School in Blora (the middle Java), graduated (SMA Negeri), 1974. In March 30, 1979, graduated from Cenderawasih University (Bachelor degree in law studies) in Papua (the east Indonesia). I then moved to the Andalas University (International Law Studies) but not finished (1980-1983). I then went to Jakarta to become a journalist. Besides that, I continoud my study at Indonesia University (1986-1987/Philosopy studies) in Jakarta, but only for one years, not finished. In August, 22, 2003, graduated from Indonesia University (Faculty of Law) and then master degree of History, January, 16, 2007 in University of Indonesia, Jakarta. As a journalist, in December 1992, I went to Rusia, Jordania and Iraq. I has been known as a biographer. My early as biographer, published in 1992, title "70 Tahun Achmad Tirtosudiro" (Jakarta: Intermasa, 1992) and "Grain of Rice B.M.Diah" (Jakarta: Pustaka Merdeka, 1992). B.M.Diah or Burhanuddin Mohammad Diah is a national figure and witness of history. B.M.Diah is well known and respectable person of public life of the Republic of Indonesia. B.M.Diah is a father figure of the Indonesia Press and Media, a diplomat and ambassador. He established the nationally famous news group "Merdeka" (I Oktober 1945), a man who spent part of his life in news paper. I also wrote the biography, titled:"Gunawan Satari, Fighter, Educate and Scientist" (Jakarta: Pustaka Sinar Harapan, 1994). Gunawan Satari is well known a professor and secretary of research minister of BJ.Habibie. And then "The Late General Basoeki Rachmat and 11 March Order (Supersemar)" (Jakarta: PT.Gramedia Widiasarana Indonesia /Grasindo). First publish in August, 1998. Reprinted, in June, 2008.The late General Basoeki Rachmat is well known a witness of 11 March Order History. Together with M.Jusuf and Amirmachmud, he is as witness President of Republic of Indonesia Soekarno signed the document known 11 March Order (Supersemar) in Bogor Palace. After this letter and then Soeharto become the new president of Republic of Indonesia. In 1998, My book: "Saddam Hussein, Overcoming Chalenge "(Jakarta: PT.Penebar Swadaya, 1998) to get appreciation of the office of the President's Press Secretary of Iraq Republic. And then "Golkar, as Altenative Party" (Jakarta:Centre of Law Study of Indonesia University, 2003). Preface of Dean Faculty of Law Indonesia University: Prof.Abdul Bari Azed, SH. Sekber Golkar (known as Golkar) had been represented in Soekarno"s National Front. In 2012, I also wrote biography, titled: “Gen.Rais Abin, (December 1976 - September 1979) as Force Commander UNEF. “ or “Rais Abin, Panglima Pasukan Perdamaian PBB, 1976-1979 (Jakarta: Penerbit Buku Kompas, 2012). Kurt Waldheim, Secretary-General said to Rais Abin: “During this period UNEF, under your leadership, has discharged with remarkable success the complex responsibilities assigned to it by the Security Council. You have performed the tasks entrusted to you, often in difficult circumstances, with exemplary efficiency, resourcefulness and dedication.” http://dasmandj.blogspot.com (http://dasmandjamaluddinshmhum.blogspot.com)

21 Apr 2009
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