Miles Away

16 Februari 2017   23:58 Diperbarui: 17 Februari 2017   00:05 50 0 0

The skies is dark, no stars, no moon light
I take a few step, open my window
I close my eyes, take a deep breath
feel the chilliness of the night wind,
hear the sounds of vehicles back and forth from a distance
People talk and laugh from their warm rooms

(While) I'm standing here
enjoying every noise and peacefulness

Suddenly, the warmth creeping out from my heart
So soft and comforting
And if you were here, you will see
the bright light on both of my eyes
a light smile on my face, and
lights red of shyness on both of my cheek

(I know, I know, I feel so weird and crazy tonight)
I feel like missing something
something I don't even know (what it is)
But somehow I can feel it
its feel like something very very far away
feel like thousand miles away
yeah, thousand miles away

And if the night wind could talk
I will definitely ask her
Is anybody out there feel the same way as me ?
Oh please, tell me, I'm curious
I want to know about his eyes, smiles and cheeks
is he have a chubby cheek ?
If yes, I want him to be here
I'd love to pinch both of his chubby cheek <3
If not, don't worry
I will happily let him pinch mine <3