ANTV History Overview

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antv present a new horizon to bring the world pertelevisian Indonesia. Established since January 1, 1993 antv appear with a variety of creative and innovative television shows that fascinate. Initially antv is a local television station that broadcasts in Lampung and the surrounding area. With the permission of the local broadcast antv regime for five hours a day. Dated January 18, 1993 antv to obtain a national broadcast through the Decree of the Minister for RI No. 04A/1993. Ten days after the permit regime antv out nationally. Antv studio, which is located in Lampung, moved to Jakarta. Right on 1 March 1993 antv for the first time the program produces its own form of actual news coverage the way the General Council of the DPR / MPR. While the antv successfully conducted live broadcast coverage of the way of important statesman. Is a special moment now as the day so antv. In the travel business antv many development. 30 September 2005 antv successfully formed a strategic partnership with the world's STAR television network. Cooperation is marked by the entry of 20% shares to the STAR antv. This is in accordance with the regulations. Due to deliver STAR antv appear as one of television stations that have national network exposure in the world. Until 2008, this antv has 24 relay stations which are scattered in several areas of potential. antv capable of reaching 155 cities and can be enjoyed by more than 130 million viewers. Thus antv a fourth television station that has broadcast coverage of exposure, received by the audience of Indonesia. Owing to work hard all employees antv experienced in the broadcasting world and also the system menejemen modern antv achieved several awards national and international level. The national level, antv achieved a number of awards from Panasonic Award, Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Award, Festival Sinetron Indonesia (FSI), Indonesia Record Museum (MURI), KPI Award, Film Censor Board (LSF), Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora ), And others. The award at the international level, which had been antv including three awards from the Asian Television Award category for Best Sports Program and Best News Program. Vision and Mission ANTV Being a TV station that the world is made for Indonesia, from the Indonesian, provide the best service to our stakeholders in terms of quality, creativity and different with other TV stations. Philosophy Logo ANTV Antv logo is a combination of the two strengths that complement each other, namely STAR with international experience and antv with local knowledge and expertise. STAR logo to blend with the logo of the channel and antv into the existing form and format that is unique. Jet and the thick red represents the strength and confidence to our future is bright, which shows antv offered as the pride of Indonesia. White symbolizes determination antv run this business based on principles applicable provisions of understanding the values of honesty, integrity, and uphold the integrity of the nation. Organization antv Board of Commissioners President of the Board of Commissioners : Paul Francis Aiello Commissioner : Daniel Cheung Commissioners : Lutfi Omar Anwar Commissioners : Ilyas Sukarni Commissioners : Nalinkant Amratlal Rathod Board of Directors President Director : Anindya N. Bakrie Director of News, Sports & : Azkarmin Haji Zaini Corporate Communications Finance Director : Rajan Puri Director : Robertus Bismarka Kurniawan Non-Executive Director : Wimar Witoelar Chief Executive Officer : Dudi Hendrakusuma Syahlani ANTV Program In April 2002 antv widen the target audience. The main target of the original program antv intended for children adolescents (Teenager), now antv zero in the family as the main target of viewers. No. Location Frequensi 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Medan Lampung Jakarta Bandung Semarang Yogyakarta Surabaya Malang Denpasar Makasar Pelembang Pekanbaru Padang Magetan Kediri Purwokerto Cirebon Garut Manado Banjarmasin Jambi Pontianak Batam Mataram 29 UHF 30 UHF 47 UHF 58 UHF 25 UHF 30 UHF 24 UHF 44 UHF 25 UHF 25 UHF 26 UHF 44 UHF 45 UHF 36 UHF 55 UHF 37 UHF 42 UHF 22 UHF 40 UHF 40 UHF 25 UHF 41 UHF 53 UHF 24 UHF Reach broadcast antv wider again because the dish can be enjoyed through a digital network through Kabelvision and Telkomvision. HR We realize that human resources is a central factor in a company. Therefore, antv continue to improve the ability of professionals, with the opportunity to provide a training program for employees and the award-risk employees in order to meet the qualification as a television crew that international leaders.


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